Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

1. Head of the Department : Dr. R. B. Pawar

2. Established on :

3. Courses Taught : B.A. ( Part I,II )

4. Staff Profile :

Sr. No
Name of the Staff Member
1. Asst. Prof. Dr. R. Pawar 5 Years M.A., B.Ed. ,Ph. D.

5. Research Contribution

  Dr. R. B. Pawar
H-Index  Nil
Papers published  07
Papers Presented  Nil
Research Project  Nil

6. Other

  Dr. R. B. Pawar
Conference(s)/Seminar(s)/Workshop(s) attended  09
Orientation Course(s)  01
Refresher Course(s)  Nil
Other Course(s)  Nil