Department of N.C.C.

                               The role of N.C.C. in the all-round development of the student's personality is of immense importance. The college has included the N.C.C training opportunity in its curricullum.
E-3 COY senior army wing (for boys) is registered with Ajara Mahavidyalaya, Ajara and staff incharge is Lt. Sanjay Sawant.

Motto of N.C.C.

         The motto of the N.C.C. is to inculcate unity and discipline, obedience, punctuality and forbearance among the students. The college recognizes that students must be exposed to the values in addition to academics. Thus N.C.C. contributes in the co-curricular development of the student and helps in the all-round development of his personality.

History and Description

        The college registered E-3 COY Senior Army Wing of N.C.C. in 1984. Captain D. J. Bhalerao commanded the same upto 14th Oct.1998. This COY is affiliated to 56 Maharashtra Bn. N.C.C. Kolhapur (Maharashtra). Lieutent Sanjay Sawant tool over on 15 th Oct. 1998, after getting commissioned as 2/Lieutent at N.C.C. Officer Training School, Kamptee, Nagpur and has held charge to date.

N.C.C. Activities and Routine

       The regular parades are conducted from 14.00 hours to 18.00 hours on the college ground for such activities as Drill,Map-reading, Judging distance, Weapon training, etc... on alternative Mondays. Regular attendence of the cadet is more than 90% and the turn out is very encouraging. At the time of various camps the training is imparted in field craft, battle craft, WT and firing as the Kote is easily accessible.

Facilities Provided

       In accordance with the statute of the ministry of Defense, Govt. of India and the ministry of youth welfare, Govt. of Maharashtra the cadates are provided with :

 a) Fill kit consisting of :

      1. Two pairs of Uniforms (Shirt and Pant)

      2. Beret

      3. A pair of ankle shoes and socks

      4. Hackle

      5. Cap Badge

      6. Arms Title ( A Pair )

      7. PT shoes

                       Apart from this battalion also provides the complete web equipment and bedding to the cadets 

          for the required camps.

 b) Refreshment provision - The Govt. of Maharashtra provided refreshment worth Rs. 6/- to each cadet

     attended on a parade day and washing allowance Rs. 10/- per cadet for month

 c) Award of scholarship to N.C.C. Cadets 


*Participation in Tree Plantation Program July 2016

N.C.C. cadets planted 1700 trees in different villages around Ajara under  the guidance of Major. Shri. S. B. Sawant.