Department of Physics

1. Head of the Department : Asst. Prof. B. M. Mohite

2. Established on : 1993

3. Courses taught : B.Sc. ( Part I and II )

4. Staff profile :

Sr.No. Name of the Staff Member Experience Qualification
1. Asst. Prof. Dr. B.M. Mohite 22 Years M.Sc.
2. Asst. Prof. Mrs. L. D. Shete 18 Years M.Sc.

5. Research Contribution

  Shri. B. M. Mohite Sou. L.D. Shete
H-Index  Nil  Nil
Papers published  04  Nil
Papers Presented  Nil  Nil
Research Project  Nil 01

6. Other

  Shri. B. M. Mohite Sou. L.D. Shete
Conference(s)/Seminar(s)/Workshop(s) attended  Nil  06
Orientation Course(s)  Nil  Nil
Refresher Course(s)  02  Nil
Other Course(s)  Nil  Nil