The College Emblem

The traditional lamp (Deep) takes the human race from darkness to light. It is the symbol of Indian culture, divinity, truth and knowledge. The pure golden flame shows the purity of character.

The open book below the lamp communicates the idea of open access to and dissemination of knowledge.The College Emblem

The rocket at the right side of the book stands for modern scientific outlook, scientific progress and speed. It also illustrates the dictum, “sky is the limit.” It launches the students in the sky of knowledge.

The image of a factory on the left side of the book stands for the entrepreneurship, industry and commerce.

The lamp and the flowers indicate service to community with a sense of dedication.

Thus, the college emblem symbolises the aspects of knowledge, character and service. The emblem, we believe, communicates that our students should enrich their personalities with knowledge, character and serve the humanity with a sense of dedication.