Best Practices

Best Practice 1 : Departmental Blogs

Objective of the Practice:
           To encourage the use of technology in the teaching-learning process

The context:
           Departmental blog was a novel idea introduced by the IQAC in the academic year 2016-17. The first workshop for guiding the faculty regarding the same was organized in the month of March 2017. Promotion of the use of technology in the day to day functioning of various departments including the teaching-learning process was the key objective behind introducing this concept. The assistance of the experts in this area from the faculty was taken to train the faculty. It was a success. Many academic departments responded positively by creating their blogs with the assistance of the  experts.

The Practice:
           The Academic Departments created their blogs. Some departments uploaded the basic information of the Department, syllabus, question papers, teaching plans, tests, etc. on their blogs. Now it was necessary to introduce and motivate the students to use the blogs to get the necessary information. This was also done. The students started using the Departmental blogs though the number was quite less. The consistent use of this practice and the motivation of the students by the faculty will definitely yield good results and save time.

Evidence of success:
           We are happy to mention that the Departments of Chemistry, Statistics, Computer Science, Geography made good use of the Departmental blogs. Some Departments has crossed the figure of 10000 views. More and more departments are becoming motivated by the success of these departments. We hope that the academic year 2019-20 will yield more positive response from the faculty and the students. The practice has also resulted in saving time and allowing the students to refer to the blogs even when they are not in the premises of the college. The students are becoming more and more familiar with the use of technology.

Problems encountered and resources required:
           The problems faced include the speed and quality of the internet facility. Our area being a hilly and backward area the speed and quality of the internet is not very good. This creates some problems in uploading the data or downloading a file. But now the BSNL has decided to improve the infrastructure for the internet facility and this problem can be resolved in near future. The motivation of the students towards the use of the technology is another problem faced by us. Most of our students belong to the rural area. They are not so familiar with the latest technologies. But we
are trying our best to train the students in this and we are confident that we will succeed in our efforts.


Best Practice 2: Weekly Prayer

Objectives of the practice :

  1. To inculcate moral values and discipline among the students.
  2. To improve internal communication (MIS)
  3. To develop the stage daring among the students.

The Context :
          Today there is need of imparting value added education to the students with their educational development. Our Best practice, Weekly Prayer, plays a vital role in order to make the students aware of their duties and responsibilities towards our nation, our constitution and to know our culture. We have been conducting this very important activity in our college since 1982.This activity creates the awareness among the students about our nation and its pride, culture and its heritage.

The Practice :
          Weekly Prayer is not the prayer of any religion. It is our inspiring national anthem. This weekly prayer is a gathering of all individuals of our college. It makes students feel fresh, energetic to start their day with positive vibration. After the admission process of the academic year, Discipline and Prayer committee arranges weekly prayer on every Thursday. On that day, all the students, teaching and non-teaching staff gather in a disciplined way on the college ground. A teacher makes the announcements and some important instructions are given. Students, teachers or non-teaching staff are honored by the Principal for their special achievements and also tributes paid for sad event if any. Besides, one or two students
present their views on any social problem/issues. This contemplation makes the people think about those topics. The NCC cadet gives order for singing of National Anthem. In this way, few minutes of prayer brings a sort of energy among the students.

Evidence of Success :
           Due to this activity, the moral values are inculcated among the students. It becomes possible to give instructions to all the students simultaneously. It is noticed that stage daring of the students and confidence of expressing their views is improved. Weekly prayer is a unique device to achieve multiple objectives – administrative, academic and cultural.

Problems encountered and Resource required :

  • Problems encountered : Some students can not participate in this activity due to schedule of ST bus. It becomes difficult to conduct weekly prayer during heavy rains.
  • Resource required : There should be budget for felicitation of the students during weekly prayer. There should be bus facilities for the rural students to come in time.