Institutional Distinctiveness

Distinctiveness : Students’ IQAC

Context :

            In accordance with the NAAC and UGC regulations, there will be an IQAC operating within every college. But the most important step of the institution towards quality initiatives after the second cycle accreditation is the formation of ‘Students’ IQAC’. It was observed by the institution that the tremendous energy of the youth should have contribution in the institution’s policy of social development. The ‘Students’ IQAC’ was formed in the academic year 2016-17 by the IQAC. The responsibility of formation and execution of various activities of the 'Students’ IQAC' was assigned to Dr. A. V. Bachulkar. The purpose of the Students’ IQAC was to create social awareness amongst the students. 'Students’ IQAC' is implementing various activities by taking inspiration from the message ‘Att Dip Bhav’ (Be your own light) given by Goutam Buddha. The students who are especially interested in social initiatives, are registered in this department. Two of these students are selected as representatives. Students themselves take initiative in finalizing and the smooth conduct of the programmes.

Area of Performance:
            'Students' IQAC' organized three types of activities. Some of them are related to Society. They help in creating a sense of social awareness and responsibility among students.These activities include Farmers’ Rally, Science Rally of Doctors and Engineers, Cleanliness Campaign at village Sohale (tal. Ajara) with active participation of villagers, felicitation of retired teachers, celebrating Rakshabandhan for sweepers and cleaning staff from Ajara Nagarpanchayat, bus drivers and conductors, Ajara police and non-teaching staff of the college. Another significant activity of the ‘Students’ IQAC’ was the felicitation of the citizens above 75 years. The activity was known as ‘Compassion towards Old Age’. Creation of Human Chain of thousands of students on the occasion of World Peace Day was one more activity. The Drama ‘Savitri, Damini ki Kamini’ was presented to develop gender sensitization. Again clothes were donated to sugarcane workers. The members of the ‘Students’ IQAC’ paid visit to the ‘Orphanage Home’ at Pandur (Dist. Sindhudurga). They stayed there and had first hand knowledge of the sufferings of the orphans including the children, grown-ups and the old people including women. Collection of used clothes, usable articles and funds for the ‘Orphanage Home’ was another significant activity in this connection. 

             The 'Students’ IQAC' organized One Day workshop on Social Awareness (Balak- Palak –Shikshak Samajbhan Shibir). Teachers, parents and students were the participants. To create a sense of belonging towards our nation, our citizens and our national flag, this department organized Soldier Gratitude Rally (Sainik Krutadnyata Rally), in which ex-soldiers and students actively participated. Five thousand Rakhis made by students for soldiers were sent on border. Raising fund to help flood affected people in Kerala, Display of wallpapers and posters on the thoughts of
national leaders and thinkers. Making Human Map of India on Independence Day, Pre-training Camp for students to join army are the other activities.
As a result of this, the patriotic fervor increased among the students. By taking inspiration from soldiers, a number of students of our college try to join NCC and their interest in joining army is increased. These activities were appreciated by ex-soldiers’ organization in Ajara taluka. The department organized guest lectures on various topics. This helped in developing leadership skills amongst the students and developed their personality. Again a Job oriented programme ‘Modi Script’ was organized to enable the students to become self-employed. 

             Initially some students found it embarrassing and dirty to clean Sohale village or serving the helpless people. Again, the participation of villagers was also limited. Parent participation instudent-parent programmes was not satisfactory. Because majority of parents were farmers so throughout the year they are busy in fieldwork. There is no provision of an independent budget for this department. So it organized programs with the assistance of the students and teachers. As a result, its scope was not widened. Sometimes students hesitated to participate in programmes since it would make them miss some regular lectures.

Positive impact on society:
             The various activities of 'Students’ IQAC' have achieved a positive impact on the society. One of the best examples is that, at present villagers of Sohale (Tal. Ajara) are organizing cleanliness camps at their village regularly every year. Though this department organizes various rallies e.g. Farmers Rally (Kisan Rally), Soldier Gratitude Rally (Sainik Krutadnyata Rally), Science Rally etc. early in the morning at 5.30 am, majority of the people participate enthusiastically. To acknowledge the contribution of farmers, soldiers, engineers and doctors participated in their concerning rallies, many women were present on the way of these rallies to salute the great personalities by drawing rangoli in front of their homes. 

Promotion and Outcome:
             The efforts of the teachers and students of 'Students’ IQAC', behind the organization of various events and their contribution for the college and society, are appreciated by the office bearers. The innovative activities carried out and the success achieved by the 'Students’ IQAC' are
praiseworthy. That’s why, the guests and eminent personalities from other colleges, always wish to visit and know the details of those activities, to implement the same in their colleges. The college intends to expand the scope of the functioning of the 'Students’ IQAC'. We have decided to extend the scope of the department in the quality and research oriented activities for the students. We wish to mould the role of the 'Students’ IQAC' as the facilitator for the students. We know that it’s a big challenge, considering the unwillingness and passivity of the students about such activities,
but we are confident that we will succeed in our endeavor in future.