Mentor-mentee relationship

A mentor is always experienced person, who helps to other individuals (mentee) for their overall development. He serves as a positive role model and worked as a trusted counselor or guide. Mentor can help to mentee for improvement of his or her abilities and skills through various ways by providing guidance. He helps mentee to  set educational/career goals and provides encouragement for building self-confidence and self-esteem. Effective mentoring seeks to provide such a presence by establishing a trustworthy relationship between Mentees and Mentor. On the other hand Mentee takes responsibility for keeping in regular contact with mentor and actively participates in the relationship and  assesses academic/professional strengths, learning and developmental needs, values and short and long-term career goals. 

With this above relationship of Mentor with Mentee our college has been developed a well structured Mentor –Mentee system since last three years under the name Mentor committee. Such Mentor-mentee system worked under Four fold Administrative committees of the college. The system mostly focuses on the need of the students and tries to minimize or to make solutions on the needs. All teachers in the college play very important role as mentor and their work since last three years become one resort for the student (mentee), where one can seek knowledge, guidance and support at all times. The students get more benefit through this Mentor-mentee committee.

In our college the Mentor-Mentee system worked as:

  • The teachers in our college as a mentor has been allotted a list of the students.
  • The mentor collected documentary questionaries about needs and all the personal and  educational information of the mentee through the given format.
  • After study and analysis, Mentors focused on the needs of mentee and selected  the needy students and updates about the student’s progress.