The library of D. R. Mane Mahavidhylaya, Kagal came into existence in 1984 with very small collection of 1700 books that housed in a very small portion of one room.

At present the library is housed in a separate specious hall. Now the collection has been increased to 29606.The library also subscribes over 45 & Donated 21 periodicals, 1069 back volumes of important periodicals are available. Apart from these the library has about 302 E media materials.

In addition to textbooks and Reference books, Reference Tools, the library has books on Competitive Exams., Sports, Personality development, Entrepreneurship, Computer Science etc. And also books on regional language (i.e. Marathi.)


To provide effective and efficient library services to all the Stakeholders by applying the latest information technology.

Goals and Objectives

  • To develop reading culture among the students
  • To assist the Students to prepare for the competitive examination
  • To inform the Students about their career opportunities.
  • To develop research aptitude and innovative mind among   students
  • To provide required study and reference materials to faculty and students to supplement classroom instruction.
  • To encourage networking and resources sharing among various libraries
  • To digitize the documents for preservation and for space saving
  • To have access to library Catalogue database of other libraries through library Network
  • Library Building—Total Area
Sr. No. Particular Area of Library
1 Librarian Cabin 156 Sq.ft.
2 Stack Room 480Sq. Ft.
3 Reference Section 585 Sq. Ft.
4 Periodical Section 468 Sq. Ft.
5 Reading Room 792 Sq. Ft.
6 Total 230.50
7 Total Sq.ft. 2481 Sq.ft

Working Hours:

The library remains open on all working days except on national and weekly holidays. The library is kept open for 8 hours, (i.e.8 am to 4pm.)

Sr.No Particular Working Hours
1 On Working Days 8 am to 4 pm
2 On Holidays National & Weekly Sunday
3 Before Examination days 8 am to 4 pm
4 During Examination days 8 am to 4 pm
5 During Vacation 8 am to 4 pm

Library Collection:

Total Collection books:

Sr. No Particulars     Volumes Titles Paid
1 Text 11431 1756 770483.00
2 Reference 7396 6648 1424281.00
3 Reference Tools 746  446 575363.00
4 Genral 4030 3894 333993.00
         Total 23603 12744 3104120.00

PG Section:

Sr. No Particulars     Volumes Titles Paid
1 Text 248 24 39068.00
2 Reference 24 24 9994.00
3 Reference Tools 01  01 225.00
5        Total 312 49 49287.00

Collection E Resources:

Sr. No. Particular     Total Total Rs.
Online Journals
Online Books
2 CD’s / DVD’s 302


Special Collection:

Sr. No. Particular     Total Total Rs.
1 Competitive Examination Books 1830 1,89,125.00
2 UGC Scheme Books & CD. 4422 & 23    


Total Collection Periodicals:

Sr. No. Status Magazines     Journals Weekly Subscribed Gratis Total
1 State  25 10   03 38 03 38
2 National  07 18   --- 09 12 25
3 International - - - 02   --- 02 --- 02
       Total     32 30     03       49 15 65


Display of New Arrivals:
  • The library always display new books on New Arrivals Displays Board to inform the reader about new addition in the library.
Guidance to student in preparation of competitive examination:
  • Information about various competitive exams, carrier guidance, Employment News etc is displayed. And thus awareness is created among the students for preparation of competitive exams.
Open Access to Staff & Scholar Student:
  • Staff and Scholar students avail open access facility. However, junior and undergraduate students can go to the stack and select the books with the prior permission.
Exhibition of Books:
  • On behalf of library, book exhibition organized every year. On the Occasion of Library Day 9th Aug. the book exhibition is organized. The aim of the book exhibition is encouraging reading habits among the students and familiarizing with the library collection.

Library activities

Sr.No. Year Date Function Guest
1 2014-15 9th Aug 2014 Book Exhibition    Prof. Pramod Patil ( K.I.T College, Kolhapur)
2 2015-16 15th Oct. 2015 Book Exhibition    Prof. Nandatai Mane S.Y.Mane High School, Kagal
3 2016-17 9th  Aug. 2016 Book Exhibition    Prof. N.D.Patil ( D.R.Mane Mahavidyalaya, Kagal
4 2017-18 12th  Aug. 2017 Book Exhibition    Vivek Agawane (District Supply Officer, Kolhapur)

Celebration of Ranganathan Day:

On the occasion of Dr. S.R. Ranganathan (Father of library science) Birth Anniversary, library observed 9th August as ‘Ranganathan Day’ to Know the reader about   Ranganathan contribution in the field of library science and importance of library and Library arranged lectures on “vachan Sanskruti” subjects.

Guest Lectures

Sr.No Year Date Function Guest
1 2014-15 09th Aug.2014 Lecture Prof. Pramod Patil ( K.I.T College, Kolhapur)
2 2015-16 12th Aug 2015 Lecture Dr. B.M. Hirdekar (Examination Controller, Shivaji University, Kolhapur)
3 2015-16 30th Dec 2015 Lecture Ad. Asim Sarodhe
4 2016-17 7th Jan 2016 Lecture Dr. B.M. Hirdekar (Examination Controller, Shivaji University, Kolhapur)
5 2017-18 12th  Aug. 2017 Lecture Vivek Agawane (District Supply Officer, Kolhapur)

Book Review Competition:

Reading habits would be Boosted by organizing competitions like the “Book Review”.This competition is one of the vigilant function of library practices.Through this Practice librarian can stimulate reading habits among the students.This competition is taken as a competitive exam. & results are declared by the experts.

Book review Competition Winner List

Sr.No Year Name of Winner Class
1 2014-15 Patil Jyoti Maruti B.Com.-I
2 2015-16 Patil Jyoti Maruti B.Com.-II
3 2016-17 Khot Pooja Balaso BA I
4 2017-18 More Kiran Vijay XI Com

Best Reader Competition :

On behalf of College library have Started Best Reader Competition. Books are the Powerful media to develop human thinking power and recalling ability. This competition is organized and the student is encouraged for reading a lot of books. Whatever students have read the books throughout the year, according to the “Best Reader” is selected by taking interview/Exam.

Best Reader Award Winner List:

Sr.No Year Name of Winner Class
1 2014-15 Powar Shilpa Baburav B.Com.-III
2 2015-16 Gurav Shubhangi Prakash B.A II
3 2016-17 Kalugade Pratibha Ananda B.Com.-III
4 2017-18 Manjulekar Rahul B.Com.-II

Computerization of library with standard digital software:

We have purchased ‘Vidyasagar’ library software from  Kolhapur. All the library services are computerized. Students are benefitted for searching with the help of OPAC facility.