B.C.A Part I

Semester I Semester II
Fundamentals of Computer Software Packages : Ms.Ofice
Programming in C Part-I Programming in C Part-II
Principals of Management Bank Management
Financial Accunting Financial Accounting with Tally
Office Management and communication Principals of Marketing
Lab Course (Based on Paper No.101) Lab Course (Based on Paper No.201,204)
Lab Course (Based on Paper No.102) Lab Course (Based on Paper No.202)


B.C.A Part II

Semester III Semseter IV
Cost Accounting Entrepreneurship Development
HRM Organizational Behaviour
System Analysis & Design DBMS Using Ms-Access
Object Oriented Programming with C++ Web Technology
Computer Oriented Statistical Methods Computer Mathematics
Lab Course (Based on Paper No.304) Lab Course (Based on Paper No. 43& 404)
Lab Course (Based on Paper No.305 using MS- Excel ) Mini Project


B.C.A Part III

Semester V Semester VI
Management Accounting   Stategic Management
E-Commerce  Data Mining and Data warehousing 
Computer Network Linux Operating System 
RDBMS with Oracle Java Programming
Visual Programming Lab Course (Based on Paper No.603)
Lab Course (Based on Paper No. 504 & 505) Lab Course (Based on paper No. 604)
Mini Project Major Project