Bridge Course

Objectives :

  • To familiarize the students with the basic concepts in statistics.
  • To develop an understanding of statistical concepts and principles of the students.
  • To provide the skills and knowledge necessary to enable the students to perform statistical processes (work) competently.
  • To provide the necessary background for further studies in reliability, Time Series, Testing of Hypothesis, Chebycheve’s Inequality, Regression, Multiple and Partial Correlation, and F-distribution.
  • To provide proper drilling of the Statistical concepts learnt by the students in the first two years of graduation.

Brief Summary:

For Students of B.Sc. III (Statistics) Class a “Bridge Course in Statistics” was conducted on different topics in Statistics. In this course lectures on Regression, Multiple and Partial Correlation, F- distribution, Testing of Hypothesis, Time series, Chebychev’s Inequality, Reliability Theory etc. were arranged. B.Sc.III students are participated. Study material also provided to the participants. Dr. Kiran Potdar, Mr. J. K. Patil, Miss P. B. Tibile, Miss V. K. Patil, Miss V.B. Malekar have prepared  study material of this course.