Senior Wing

Admission Process for Senior wing

1. In accordance with the provisions of the Section 127 of the Maharashtra Universities Act 2016, the following rules shall be called the Admission Rules to be applicable to the non-professional under-graduate and postgraduate courses in the affiliated colleges / recognised institute / University Departments / autonomous colleges.

2. The admission rules for professional courses shall be as prescribed by the State Government from time to time.

Undergraduate Courses

1. Admissions to non-professional undergraduates shall be strictly based on:

  • Eligibility criteria as presribed by the University from time to time.
  • Reservation rules as prescribed by the State Government from time to time and adopted by the University.
  • Merit, as measured by the Aggregate marks scored in the qualifying / previous examination.
  • In the case of courses where entrance tests are prescribed, the admission shall be based on merit in the said entrance tests subject to and (b) above.

2. In case of admission to under-graduate courses where the affiliated college / recongnised institution / autonomous college has an attached Junior College, the total intake capacity at the first point of the admission to the .Senior College shall be divided as 80 per cent for the attached Junior College and 20 per cent for other Junior Colleges.

However, in both cases the basic rules of merit, reservation & eligibility shall apply. If 20 per cent quota remains unutilized, students from the attached Junior College shall be admitted from the waiting list.

The merit of the students from other Junior Colleges shall not be less than the merit of the last student admitted from the attached Junior College.

In case, 80 per cent quota for the attached Junior College remains unutilized, the College shall have the right to admit students from other Junior Colleges subject to the general rules given above.

3. In case of admissions to the second and third year of the integrated degree course, preference be given to the students of the same college / recognised institution / autonomous institution.

4. The foreign students shall be admitted to any course in any institution / college affiliated to the University or in the autonomous institution on production of provisional eligiblity certificate from the University. For obtaining provisional eligibility certificate, the foreign student shall apply along with necessary certificates to the University in the form prescribed by the University and pay fees as prescribed by the University from time to time.

Cancellation of admission and refund of money shall be as under:

1. All Deposits such as Caution Money, Library Deposit, Laboratory Deposit etc. shall be refundable subject to such deductions as may be necessary on account of any damage to the property of the institution concerned such as breakages to laboratory equipment, loss of library books etc. for which a student may be responsible.The application for refund of such deposits shall be made within six months either from the date he / she leaves the college or completes the course and the said institution shall refund the amount within 30 days from the date of receipt of application.

2. Only tution fees and no other fees shall to refundable.

3. Tution fees shall be refundable as under:

  • The entire amount paid by the student after deducting 25% as administrative charges.
  1. If a student gets his admission cancelled before the commencement of the academic term.
  2. If a student gets this admission to another college or institution providing courses different from those in the College or the institution to which he had first sought admission and paid tuition fees provided that he has kept the authorities of such a college or the institution informed in good time (within three weeks after the commesment of the Academic year) about his application for admission to another college or institution, the application for refund of tution fees in such cases must be forwarded through the Principal of the College or institution which the student actually joins, giving pertinent details such as the course selected by him, the date of his application for admission to the college or institution concerned, the date of his admission to the college or institution etc
  • 50 per cent of the amount paid by a student as tuition fees, if he applies for cancellation of his admission and the refund of fees before the last date of admission to the college or the institutionfixed by the University.

4. A student shall not be entitled to claim refund of tuition fees if he leaves the college or the institution, after the last date of admission to such college institution.

5. In case of a student, who fails to inform the authorities of the college or the institution to which he has been given admission, about his intention to leave or change the college or the institution, such authorities shall be entitled to charge full fees for the term or the year,as the case may be.

6. In the case of students getting admission to professional courses college, the claim for refund of tuition fees etc. Shall be made by concerned students within one week of admission to the professional courses and, in such cases, the colleges shall deduct an amount of 10 per cent of the fees paid as administrative changes. The seats failing vacant may be filled in by the college/ recognized institution from the waiting list.

7. Rules and regulations and ordinances regarding admission fee, tuition fee, and various other fees to be charges by the affiliated college / recongnised institution / autonomous institution at under-graduate level shall be governed as per the provisions prescribed by the University and approved by State Govt. from time to time.

It shall be the responsibility of the Principal to ensure that admissions are as per rules, regulations and ordinances as prescribed by the University, from time to time.

Note: The college has the right to refuse admission to a student with regard to maintaining discipline in the college, vide Maharashtra Public Univerisities Act, 2016, Section 127 (3 & 6). It is mandatory to submit an undertaking regarding discipline while taking Admission as per section 127(7) of Maharashtra Public Universities Act 2016.